About Us

The Mission of Omaha Parliament

Our Mission is to support Union Omaha and the growth of soccer in

Omaha at the pro and amateur level.

How do we do this? 

Support Union Omaha by providing an unparalleled game day environment through the use of noise, singing, and physical displays.  

Facilitate communication and organization between Omaha Parliament members and other Union Omaha supporter groups. 

Facilitate communication between UO Front Office (FO), other UO fans, other Supporter Groups, and non-UO supporter groups. 

Represent the mission of Omaha Parliament. 

Provide philanthropic events to the Omaha Metro Soccer Community and the Omaha Metro as a whole.

Katherine Rzonca, Hunter Fangmeyer, Jon Ryan, Braedon Johnson, and Bawn Froning 

2024 Omaha Parliament Board Members

Hunter Fangmeyer


He/him. Omaha born and raised and been involved since the first matches. BVB fan, and love to cook, travel, and learn about history and culture. 

Jon Ryan (JR)

Vice President

He/him. Omaha resident since 2018 with roots in the south and west coast. I spend my spare time learning how to cook new things and adjusting to newly married life.

Bawn Froning


He/him. Member of Parliament since 2021. Tailgate chef/loudmouth. 

Katherine Rzonca


She/her. Member of Parliament since 2021. When I'm not playing trumpet or drumming on the berm, you can find me baking, watching sports, and spending time with my dog.

Braedon Johnson


He/him. Kinesiology student at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Soccer jersey collector, and member of Parliament since 2021.